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Explosion onboard a Chemical Tanker in Yangtze River

[image for representation only] An explosion took place on a Chemical Tanker, Qiu Feng 6, a Chinese-flagged vessel, on May 20 and injured two crew members of the ship. A video of the incident has surfaced online, indicating that the crew was possibly washing the tanks when the said explosion took place. The fire was successfullyContinue reading “Explosion onboard a Chemical Tanker in Yangtze River”

Marine Services

Bunker Survey and Condition Survey ON/OFF HIRE SURVEY On/Off Hire Bunker and Condition Surveyis a survey of technical condition of ship at the moment of entry or exit from time charter, and includes investigation of overall condition of body, deck, cargo holds and deck equipment, checkup of ship certificates etc. Upon completion we issue a detailedContinue reading “Marine Services”