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Cargo Ships

When we did the Pirate Ship Cruise out of Port Isabel, we saw this massive cargo ship coming from the Port of Brownsville. Our tour guide said that it was likely empty, because of how high it was sitting on the waters of Laguna Madre Bay. You can see the relative size by the boatContinue reading “Cargo Ships”

Cargo Ship with mostly Mercedes cars engulfed in flames in Dubai.

Image Credit: Maritime bulletin The local cargo ship Muhieddin caught fire in Dubai port on Friday while it was about to transport 195 cars, mostly Mercedes, to Nishtun Port, Yemen Gulf of Aden for a Yemeni car dealer. It is unknown, at this stage, what caused the fire, but an investigation has been launched toContinue reading “Cargo Ship with mostly Mercedes cars engulfed in flames in Dubai.”

Museum Ship

The SS Sicamous is a museum ship that is permanently grounded at Penticton’s Okanagan lake front. It’s a steel hulled, stern wheel steam ship that used to carry passengers, and later in its life, cargo, to the communities on the shores of Lake Okanagan. Photo courtesy of B. Murphy It was apparently quite luxurious forContinue reading “Museum Ship”