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Find Out Why We take the Best care for Your Cargo:

Caring For Your Cargo at Every Step Of Handling, We have the capacity to Plan and Coordinate, and monitor cargo, check parameters, and minimize risks at every stage of handling, we remain vigilant to ensure that at all interested parties are satisfied with the stowage, securing, and tensioning requirements to prevent loss and damage in any form.

Project cargo inspection in Kenya port of Mombasa,

Experts in Project Cargo Inspections

Survey Shipment Project Cargo, Critical Cargo Heavy Lift

Transporting large super cargo from one place to another presents multiple challenges, Observater inspection services are an ideal choice in the survey of Heavy Lifting and Massive Cargoes.

Some of the challenges that might arise in the transport of project cargoes are:

  • How to control the loading and discharging of critical and massive cargoes?
  • What type of vessels and apparatus are suitable for the project cargoes?
  • What responsibilities does every party involved in the transport of the cargo have?
  • What regulations and codes in shipment of this cargo must be observed?
  • How is stripping, lashing and securing done before transport on road or rail?
  • How should the cargo be stowed, lashed and secured?

Does Observater offer warranty survey for project cargoes?

Yes, our experts are highly qualified in the provision of inspection and surveillance services in Warranty surveys and insurance surveys. We inspect project cargo/ super bulk-cargo, out of gauge cargo and heavy lift cargoes among other special cargoes from the global industrial market, unloading at import ports and deliver cargo to construction and jobsites.

Our experts take every job with the ultimate degree of care and seriousness that your project deserves and we handle each and every different job with flexibility and field experience obtained from different successful operations, adding value by tapping into our vast experience in the field and by taking no chances with the safety and taking nothing for granted.

What types of Project cargo does Observater inspect?

Observater surveyors inspect all types of cargo including smaller cargoes that can be part of a project, to containerized cargoes. We inspect heavy lift cargoes stowed on deck or in cargo holds. Our expertise in inspecting moving perishable cargoes, heavy lift cargoes, heavy machineries and wind turbines gives us requisite knowledge to find the right solutions for every challenge involved in transporting cargoes in Africa.

We ensure cargo is lashed and secured to satisfactory standards, using our expert knowledge in survey and lashing of heavy lift cargoes, super cargoes and oversized heavy haulage cargoes, checking if cargo is secured safely, checking strapping, banding and binders, blocking and nylon lashing are available and used sufficiently to ensure safety and cargo is secure for transport. Our inspection ensures that the right equipment used in handling cargoes are of satisfactory standard, noting forklift, crane capacities. We ensure that cargo is stowed properly upon stripping.

We are also active in the inspection of Damaged project Cargoes.

Our damage survey experts have demonstrated the ability to analyzed and determine the causes of damages and help come up with cost effective measures in damage control and management that have always been agreeable to all parties interested.

Our surveyors and experts have been engaged in project cargo and damage surveys in Mombasa, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, DRC, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Sudan, Djibouti, Eretria, Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. We have also carried out Inspections for damages caused by Project cargo . We offer project cargo surveys in all ports of eastern and southern Africa, we carry out inspections in the port of Mombasa, ports of Tanzania, port of lamu, Lamu port, Dar salaam port, Sudan port among other Beira Mozambique, Maputo Port and Tanga port, we are available to offer discharge to delivery surveys for all cargoes destined to Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, DRC, Mozambique, Malawi and Rwanda and Burundi