To Offer Quality Investigative Inspections and Audits

Dry Cargo


Identification of cargo quantity loaded onto ship or discharged in best interests of customer. DRAFT SURVEY REPORT includes calculations made by our surveyors and appendix with information about quantity of ballast, fresh water, fuel and other ship reserves.


Counting cargo units during the process of loading or discharge of cargo holds, railcars, containers or trucks, preventing loading of damaged packages etc.; tally count survey is accompanied with daily reports, tally sheets and final tally report. Moreover, we identify cargo of respective clients based on color lebels and we control installation of separation and color labeling of cargo.

Identification of weight and quantity of cargo by means of re-weighing (by cooperating with port weighbridge Operators and monitoring all trucks to ensure that NONE misses the weighing process during cargo operations. We regist all the information in report tables. Issue of WEIGHT/QUALITY CERTIFICATE.


Includes control of cargo operations on 24/7 basis, taking into account all delays, with purpose to prevent loading of goods not being in compliance with customer instructions or contractual specifications. Supervision of cargo operations is accompanied with DAILY REPORTS and Photo Reports. Upon completion of works we issue a FINAL REPORT.

We offer reliability and quality of needed inspection.


Includes inspection of technical condition of warehouses, storage rooms, service and residential spaces and assessment of usability for certain purposes, providing recommendations about bringing the objects in needed condition, and supervision of listed operations.


Expertise of damaged cargo, containers, marine transport, railway transport, is conducted to order of cargo/vehicle insurer and including an includes in-depth investigation of found damage and subsequent report. The report includes information about causes of damage, description of damage, amount of losses, analysis and photos.


Inspection of general condition of cargos prior to loading, including preliminary assessment of general condition of cargo. Determination of cargo quantity on the basis of documents provided by terminal and pre-loading survey conducted by inspector at warehouse or open space. Upon completion of survey we issue a PRE-SHIPMENT INSPECTION REPORT, including photos, for named cargo.