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Claims Management

Welcome to Observater Claims Investigators

Observater Surveys and Services Ltd. offers its client effective claims management services. You benefit from this approach being able to handle claims and materialize loss prevention potential quickly and efficiently. We employ an effective reporting and communication system within Observater, which keeps you up to date with all developments in a familiar language. Our aim is to reduce your losses and claims expenses with effective, value for- Money survey and investigation.

On receiving inquiry for damage survey/ claims we quickly set up surveys with a goal of avoiding any delays and goods/situation deterioration,. our inspections are done with high level of precision, collecting all data and relevant documents.

Damage Investigation

Claims Handling Services

  • Survey of damage to cargo, vehicles, installations or other insured object, rice, human drugs, medical equipment, solar and wind energy components etc.
  • Loss of theft investigation (Including review and analysis of organization, security control and financial aspects)
  • Claims review (e.g. where only paperwork is available, where joint surveys are employed)
  • Audit of claims and repair costs.
  • Procurement and analysis of claims documentation.
  • Survey photos for each inspection
  • Warehouse inspection, to check cause of cargo damage
  • Thorough inspections and checks, for security systems

Claims Recoveries 

Observater is one of the leading companies in Africa engaged in claims recovery and defence which has become of increasing significance over the last few years. Many of these cases, however turn on their facts. The comprehensive Observater Claims management product comprising survey & investigation together with the handling of loss by the Observater Claims department can assist you in enhancing your chances of increasing recovery and defence potential.

Claims Investigation and Recovery

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