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We are an Independent Surveying Company headquartered in Mombasa, Kenya. With Representatives in Over 14 African States.

Bulk Carrier Condition surveys

Marine Survey Services Include:

Our Marine Services include: ON/OFF Hire bunker Survey and Inspection Services, Ship Condition Survey, Cover Watertight Testing, and Tank Cleanliness Inspection.

Discover Our Unlimited Ability to Offer Project Cargo and Damage Survey Services

Our team of inspectors, auditors, and surveyors is committed to delivering quality service with impartiality to all our clients. We offer independent services and reports that are held in high esteem by our major clients and legal houses across the globe.

Project Cargo & Damage Survey Services

Our team of experts is available 24/7 to deliver timely survey services and loss mitigation measures for damaged cargos, we carry out Container inspections, Warehouse inspections, and inspections in cargo owners premises

Vessel Condition Surveys

Bunker & Condition Survey

Since our inception, Observater has been delivering inspections in vessel fuel bunkering and condition survey services. We combine proven methodologies and expertise in determining bunker quantities ensuring that all bunkers onboard and bunkers supplied are accurately accounted for. We sound all vessels bunker tanks to ensure that nothing is hidden

Marine and Cargo Inspection Services, Audits and Investigations:

Our diligently trained experts offer bunker surveys, draft surveys, tally, Cargo Condition, Out-turn Surveys, Investigative Audits among many other services as per clients’ needs. All these services are offered with high levels of integrity.

Insurance and Pandi Services

We offer, Insurance Survey Services for Insurers, Ship Operators, Loss Adjusters, P&I Clubs and Marine Law Firms – Underwriting Surveys in Mombasa Kenya and East Africa

Statement of Facts and Reports

Steel Pipe Out-turn Survey, SOF and delay reports. Steel coil Tally Count Survey, Discharge Supervision, Condition Survey and Color Lebels Identification

Steel Out-turn, Container Damage

Out-turn cargo survey services, Cargo Container Damage inspection, Damage Survey and Claim cargo inspection/ Cargo Superintendence, Oil and gas

We also Offer Civil Engineering Construction Survey, Quantity Surveys and Home Inspection Services. Our Experts are available 24/7 to offer the best of service that will suite all your needs.

Our Independent QA, Audit and research services are offered by the best trained and qualified professionals in the industry.

Discharge, Condition and tally Survey

Quantity Survey

Tally Survey: Involving accounting for each unit /package discharged. Quantity inspection also comes together with condition assessment of each package surveyed.

Informed Decisions for experts by experts

Mineral Cargoes

Pre loading inspections, loading surveys, tally/ discharge inspections, sampling, draft surveys and condition/ warehouse inspections. Inspection and verification of weight certificates.

Breakbulk Cargo /Warranty surveys

Breakbulk Cargo

Let us help you with inspections for critical cargo handling. Movement through our effective escort arrangements and planning. Breakbulk cargo pre shipment surveys, discharge surveys and loading

Nairobi, Kenya

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