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Wind Energy Components Inspections | Loading and Discharge Surveys

Wind Energy Components inspections

Observater Engineering Department

Our Renewable and Clean Energy Projects Surveyors have one thing for you! Inspections that Ensure that your projects are supplied with functional parts, machineries and components.

Our specialty is wind and solar Energy Components inspections. We check Energy Components before loading in pre loading inspections,. Documenting defects and ensuring that repairs are made, we check wind and solar Energy Components, while on transit to port; to find out about and ensure safety and damage protection measures to the components the components are in place, we inspect the components during loading, stowage and lashing.

Our approach ensures that all teams handling equipment/components under our detective’s eyes and ears do their work with full knowledge of our extreme hatred towards negligence.

Handling inspections, Warranty Surveys & Insurance

Our team is works round the clock for ship charterers, P&I clubs, cargo owners and logistics players, providing reliable project cargo warranty surveys, Wind Energy Components inspections, Discharge surveys and Damage surveys. Kuantan port

What we do

Pre Loading Surveys

Done at Manufacturers Warehouse,
The major role of this inspection phase is to point out defects, and check corrections/repairs made, the inspections are done days before loading to give sufficient time for repairs and corrections

Loading Surveys

Done at port, on vessel and quay side
This phase is used to assess if damage caused by road transport, recheck degree of repairs for previous noted defects, materials used, condition, and many more thorough checks as in our reports.

Stowage & Lashing Surveys

Done on the vessel during loading operations and after completion
This inspections ensure that, all pieces loaded are properly stowed and lashed, ensuring safety to the ship, her cargo and crews. This is a measure of damage prevention

Sections Loaded for Marine Transport

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