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Bunker and Condition Survey

Bunker SurveyON/OFF HIRE CONDITION SURVEYThis inspection is conducted to the vessel at the beginning and/or end of the chartering and aims at checking the overall condition of the vessel. The on/off hire condition survey is an inspection of vessel’s holds, main deck, cargo working areas and external shell plating. It is performed in order toContinue reading “Bunker and Condition Survey”

Crude tanker storage, orderbook dynamics could balance demand lull

Source: S&P global Teekay Tankers is looking toward potentially bullish tanker supply factors, namely discharge delays, floating storage and the orderbook environment to combat depressed crude cargo demand in the near and medium term, CEO Kevin Mackay said Thursday. “In the near term, we anticipate that rates will remain volatile due to a continued mismatchContinue reading “Crude tanker storage, orderbook dynamics could balance demand lull”

Marine Services

Bunker Survey and Condition Survey ON/OFF HIRE SURVEY On/Off Hire Bunker and Condition Surveyis a survey of technical condition of ship at the moment of entry or exit from time charter, and includes investigation of overall condition of body, deck, cargo holds and deck equipment, checkup of ship certificates etc. Upon completion we issue a detailedContinue reading “Marine Services”