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Cargo & Container Loading and Pre-Loading Inspection Services in Kenya

Loading and pre loading supervision for empty containers, containerized cargo, general cargo. Break bulk cargo, bulk cargo and all other types of cargo is done in line with company established quality standards ensuring that each piece, container and or cargo is thoroughly checked for any damages, deformities, rust, and bends among other potential causes of claims and disputes including cargo handling by the stevedores.

Our surveyors may some time be called in to advise ship-owners, chatterers and shippers with regard to certain types of cargo and its handling. We ensure that deficiencies caused in the warehouses and onshore cargo handling facilities are all inspected and well documented with clear updates send to insurers, shippers, chatterers and ship-owners and including all other principles.

During cargo Loading our Surveyors advise the master on:

  •  Advising the Master if the cargo can handled/loaded in rain,
  • advising on master on holds cleaning, dunnage and lashing
  • advising the master on loading, stowage and securing of the cargo
  • advising and reporting on handling damage caused by stevedores
  • Carrying out and advising on the tallying of the cargo and issue of cargo documentation
  • Advising if the cargo should be loaded in dirt condition
  • Acknowledge charter party clauses relating to damaged cargo, responsibility for loading and stowage.

Supervision Inspection and Tallying Services

Our tallying services also include photo and video recording. To ensure your shipment safety and meet the agreement of all parties, our quality loading inspection and certification will always meet your requirements.

We provide pre loading inspections in cargo warehouses, storage sites and yards, taking all weightment and volumetric measurements for calculation of freight costs.

We have previously supervised loading of (transhipment) steel coils, coal, containers, containerized coffee beans, supercargo (oil mining rigs and equipment) heavy lift cargo, product of packages, liquid cargo (fuel backloading) bulk cargo (soda ash, titanium ore, iron ore and scrape metals), bags …

Aim of our Inspection

Safety and to reduce potential of risk/damages

Inspection of Cargo Handling Gear

Our Surveyors check the certification of cargo handling gear to ensure that safety during cargo handling and the risk of cargo damage related to cargo handling is lowered.

Pre-shipment Inspection/ P&I Surveys

Inspection of cargo compartments and cargo holds where cargo is stowed before loading. We are available to carry out surveys at any place, shipper’s premises, warehouses and yards to help you gain better understanding of all cargo dimensions, specifications and requirements. Packaging, and handling for cargoes that usually give rise to claims on ship-owners for example steel products.

With extreme care to describe the extend of each damage for example rusting on each steel coil, with accurate descriptions done on the mate’s receipt and bill of lading.

Loading Survey

In this activity, our surveyors are involved in the inspection and compiling of preliminary stowage and final cargo plan for all types of cargo, monitoring of all stages of loading, control of stowage and securing of cargo in ship’s holds and in containers and tally count.

We are also involved in the survey and control of reloading of merchandise on trucks and railway modes of transport toward final destination.