To Offer Quality Investigative Inspections and Audits

Damage Surveys

Experts of damaged cargo inspections, containers, marine transport, railway transport, is conducted to order of cargo/vehicle insurer and including an includes in-depth investigation of found damage and subsequent report. The report includes information about causes of damage, description of damage, amount of losses, analysis and photos.

Why is Cargo Damage Survey important?

When cargo is found damaged, it is necessary to investigate and estimate the extent of damage, finding out the cause the cause of damage and where possible the party responsible.

Damaged Container

Damage surveys help marine insurance companies find out the cause of damage for claim compensation, our damage survey reports are held at high esteem and have been used by numerous marine insurance companies successfully in understanding the cause of cargo damage and claim settlement.

Damaged Cargo inside ships Hold Inspection by our Surveyors

Our top Damaged cargo surveyors have demonstrated negotiation and surveying skills that set every challenge in cargo damage inspections and assessment to the path of solution making.

Observater conducts damage surveys on ships, in warehouses and remote locations to lesser damages on packed shipments in containers, air transport cargoes and on land transport cargoes.

Has your cargo stowed in a warehouse been damaged? Or has your cargo arrived damaged? Contact us today and we will most excitedly help you analyze and assess the extent of damage for the most favorable claim compensation.

Our damaged surveyors are available 24/7 to conduct cargo damage surveys in the port of Mombasa, Dar eslaam port, all ports of east and southern Africa and damage surveys in warehouses and jobsites in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sudan, south Sudan, Somalia, Djibouti, Eretria, Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe, DRC, Rwanda and Djibouti. We have our presence in Nairobi, Kampala, Kigali, Mombasa port and our mobile unit is ready to offer services everywhere