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We Offer Services Ranging from Marine Industry to Construction and Quality Assurance, Our team of surveyors and Auditors is fully qualified to provide solutions to every challenge that might come your way.

Marine Survey Services Include:

Our Marine Services include:

  • ON/OFF Hire bunker Survey
  • Ship Condition Survey,
  • Collision or damage surveys,
  • Cover Watertight Testing and Tank Cleanliness
  • Other Marine and cargo Inspections in Pointe Noire.

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Our team of surveyors works around the clock to ensure our clients get to find any existing discrepancies, in discharge operations, quantities of cargo discharged and, we help our clients with claim analysis and settlement and loss adjustment.

Project Cargo and Cargo Damage Surveys

Our team of experts is available 24/7 to offer survey services for project cargo and damage surveys for damaged cargo and associated means of transport.

Project Cargo Experts

We have contributed greatly in directing the best steps that should be taken to avoid accidents and damages in handling and transfer of project cargoes.

We have established a surveying culture that sets every challenge that comes during projects to the path of solution making. We ensure that all the people engaged in operations involving project cargoes have knowledge and the right equipment. Our team of surveyors takes nothing for granted and takes time to make sure no one rushes/carries out an operation without proper communication.

Special Services that We Offer Include:

Our diligently trained experts offer bunker surveys, draft surveys, tally, Cargo Out-turn Surveys among many other services as per clients needs. All this services are offered with high levels of integrity. As a Principle of Operation, Our surveyors do not lie.

Insurance and Pandi Services

We offer, Insurance Survey Services for Insurers, Ship Operators, Loss Adjusters, P&I Clubs and Marine Law Firms – Underwriting Surveys in Mombasa Kenya and East Africa

Statement of Facts and Reports

Steel Pipe Out-turn Survey, SOF and delay reports. Steel coil Tally Count Survey, Discharge Supervision, Condition Survey and Color Lebels Identification

Steel Out-turn, Tally Surveys

Out-turn cargo survey services, Cargo Container Damage inspection, Cargo Vessel Damage Survey and Claim cargo inspection/ survey services

Marine and Cargo inspections

Are you looking for professional help in cargo and marine quantification anaylsis and reporting? We have the best experts and our reports are held at high esteem with our major clients and legal houses across the globe. We can help you manage your claims, and get every detail right. Email Us Now for a chat about your requirements and we will most excitedly keep our ears and eyes on the ground for you and represent you in all discussions to help you get represented maximumly.

Draft, Tally and Discharge Surveys

We have a team of highly trained quality assurance officers for all your needs

Bunker and Condition Surveys

Lets help your good company and see beyond her real performance

Breakbulk cargo condition surveys

Do you have a project? Wait! Lets help you establish a sure pathway first

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