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Cargo superintendence | Loss Minimization | Philippines

Cargo superintendence & Loss Minimization. Cargo Surveyors, Cargo Superintendents and Port Captain all ports of Philippines; Port of Manila, Port of Cebu, Batangas International Port, Port of Subic and Port of Cagayan de Oro.

Discharge & Loading

We carry out cargo superintendence for both solid and liquid cargo and Project Cargo handling and lashing survey and inspection. Marine surveyors and marine services inspections

We carry out discharge/ loading supervision including tally and instructing stevedores in utilization of proper gear and cargo handling for breakage, accident and loss minimization.

We ensure proper storage of cargoes in port sheds, bonded warehouses and yards, and inspect the suitability of storage facilities to ensure that cargo damage is minimized/ eliminated.

We supervise refilling/standardization/ reconstitution immediately on discharge and prior loading.


Upon clients request. We are on standby and ready to carryout inspections to confirm the health/ suitability of industrial and manufacturing premises to manufacturing and packaging of the products.

We ensure that everyone working in the food industry in the manufacturing premises has health certification and is deemed safe by a health institutions to handle food.

We draw samples at shippers’ godowns/factories and certify them for transportation if they meet the contractual specifications. Confirming and certifying that all goods are weighed in conformity with industry standards, procedures and are accurately reported.

Liquid Cargo

We inspect all tanks from the receivers’ side and gauge and determine the quantity of goods available in the tanks, we then inspect all tanks on vessels and carry out computations, and documentation. We remain vigilant and report hourly updates to our client on all operations.

What we do:

We physically inspect goods to determine: Quality and quantity of goods, Condition/ weight, and packing of cargo on delivery.

Our damage surveys experts are on standby to check on the status of cargo and carry out full damage surveys of any goods, received in a damaged state.

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