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Our Cargo Surveyors are 24/7 readily available to carry out satisfactory Inspectorate services in Mauritius

Discharge Survey of tower sections of wind turbines

Quick loss mitigation and accidents avoidance, we ensured that the correct and certified equipment is used to lift heavy lift cargo and in the right designated points, and installed cooperation in all parties involved in handling cargo.

Coal and Clinker/ Industrial Raw Materials

We attend predischarge meetings for all our clients vessels, ensuring that discharge operations are streamlined and efficient means and channels of communication to every party involved is established and put in use. Information sharing and reporting is done swiftly.


Our discharge surveys for grains, motor vehicles, cars, steel coils, steel billets, steel wire rods, general cargo, project cargoes exetra; is done with diligently trained surveyors in coordination with approved tally clerks. We inspect cargo for any damages during, after and before discharge/stowage operations.

  • Ensure lifting equipment is certified, assembled correctly and operated by competent personnel.
  • Check the quality of cargo stowage onboard and quality of discharging techniques.
  • Monitor the quality of stevedore labour.

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We have established a culture that puts communication as a priority on all our projects, we ensure communication flows between ourselves and all parties involved in operations seamlessly with swift and timely reporting to our clients

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We offer a range of other ship surveying and marine services, motor vehicle/ car discharge and delivery surveys, cargo survey, tally, general cargo, project cargo, damaged cargo, damage survey, warranty/ insurance surveys extra; visit our home page for more

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