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|Why is Bunker Survey important?

Ship owners and charterers incur heavy operational costs in sourcing of bunkers and keeping their vessels powered at sea, anchorage and port. Determining the accurate quantity of bunkers remaining onboard at the time of ship delivery or redelivery is crucial in avoiding claims, disputes and discrepancies.

Observater is made up of a team of competent and experienced marine surveyors who are available to represent you in carrying out thorough, independent and impartial bunker quantity inspections, ensuring that you get to know the accurate quantity remaining onboard at the time of ship delivery/ redelivery.

We are available 24/7 and ready to assist you with bunker surveys throughout East African Ports.

Our Mission:

Observater Surveys and Services Ltd mission is to provide the highest-quality inspections in Mombasa. We succeed at this because of the integrity of our inspectors and support staff, our commitment to being respectful and considerate of our clients and of each other, and our passion for Continuing Education for learning the newest innovations of our industry.

In Mombasa on/off hire bunker & condition surveys are most often required to be performed combined and, we also either carry out just on/off hire bunker survey or on/off hire condition survey separately.

It is common to be performed jointly with the other interested parties, as second or even third parties, most common is one company appointed by Owners and other by Charterers.

Our surveyors carry out diligent and thorough checks and sounding of all bunkers tanks and perform corrections of soundings to vessel’s trim and list to find out the volume in tanks. Then corrections for temperatures and specific gravity are applied, in order to determine the actual quantity of bunkers on board at the time/place of survey.

The Surveyor checks vessel’s consumption, as per perusal of engine log book and chartering details, to establish the amount of bunkers remaining on board at Delivery/Redelivery time.

Through experience our surveyors are able to detect and document accurate bunkers (ROB) and consumption. While avoiding any common and emerging industry tricks and malpractices

On Hire Bunker Survey in Mombasa Kenya

24 Hour Presence


Pre Purchase Condition Survey in Mombasa Kenya

mombasa port

Rudder/ Hull inspection

Hold Cleanness Inspection

Apart from hold condition inspection in On/Off hire condition and Pre-purchase surveys, we carry out diligent hold cleanness inspections. Our inspectors ensure holds are thoroughly assessed and loading commenced after holds pass.

All Types of Condition Survey


  • Check and understand general ship plan
  • Electrical Systems
  • Temperature monitoring systems

Stem/ BQS

  • Follow through with examination of all bunker tanks
  • Use our own temperature instruments for verify

Spot Checks

  • Accurate Sounding
  • Avoid tapes with kinks where necessary verify with surveyors tapes
  • Use stability knowledge

Crane Inspection

Whenever required, our engineers and technicians are available to inspect the condition of cranes and hoisting systems

Our bunker surveyor are diligently trained and passionate about meeting and exceeding our clients expectations. Our bunker investigative surveyors ensure that:

  • All bunker tanks are accurately and thoroughly sounded/ inspected.
  • All Gauges are checked against alterations, including sounding of gauged tanks.
  • Tanks are inspected as per formal vessel tank arrangement plan, sludge tanks, lube tanks, including bilges, coffer dams, deep-tanks; in investigative surveys.
  • Application of correct temperatures in bunker calculations.
  • Utilize experience to uncover trade tricks and apply appropriate steps to strongly arrive at accurate survey findings.
  • Vessel condition, machinery and certificates are inspected, and certificates verified to be legit and in use.

Observater Surveys and Services Limited

Marine Surveyors that diligently carry out thorough and accurate soundings for each and every fuel tank. Our Condition surveys are focused on the detection of obvious and potential damage to the ship/ equipment. We serve our clients with integrity and facts.

We are headquartered in Mombasa Kenya.

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