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Marine and Cargo Surveyors | Risk Control Services in Kenya

We are an Independent Surveying Company based in Mombasa Kenya

Our experienced team of cargo and marine surveyors is available 24/7 to meet your survey requirements anywhere in East Africa.

At Observater, We Strive for the Best

Agricultural Commodities

Rice Damage and Infestation Inspection.

Containerized Cargo

Container Cargo Damage survey and shortage inspection.

Industrial Chemicals

Container Pre loading inspection and stuffing.

Observater Surveys and Services Limited Headquartered in Mombasa, Kenya, is company offering complementary services in the shipping sector such as Marine and Cargo surveys. ( All types of Project/Heavy lifts, Bulk, Breakbulk, vehicles, steel, vans, trucks, minerals…).

Our services include (but not limited to) :

  • Quantity & quality inspection .
  • Damage surveys in Kenya
  • Marine Surveyors in Mombasa
  • Cargo Surveyors in Mombasa
  • Pre-loading /discharging surveys.
  • Monitoring of cargo storage/handling/stowing
  • Warehousing inspection
  • Tallying of packed goods.
  • Damage inspection of goods.
  • Lashing and security inspection.
  • Weight control
  • Industrial Inspections (NDT)
  • Outturn Surveys,
  • Critical and Heavy Lift Cargo Surveyors (MWS)

  • Holds suitability/Cleanliness inspections.
  • Steel Cargo Surveys
  • Container inspection / Condition / Damage – Loading – Unloading .
  • Sealing and Unsealing .
  • On hire / Off hire and condition surveyors .
  • Bunker Surveyors.
  • Draft Surveyors.
  • Hull & Machinery Surveyors.
  • Pre-purchase Surveyors.
  • Cargo hatch / tank inspection .
  • Empty hatch / Tank inspection .
  • Tank Ullage / Sounding .
  • Damage survey/ Shortage/ Claims.
  • Warehouse Inspectors in Kenya
  • Intermediate Bunker Surveys
  • Stocktaking
  • Stem Bunker Surveyors in Kenya

We offer Draft Survey, Tally Count Survey, Supervision of Loading and Discharging, Warehouse Inspection, Damage Surveys and Preloading Cargo Survey.

Our Marine Services include: ON/OFF Hire bunker Survey and Inspection Services, Ship Condition Survey, Cover Watertight Testing and Tank Cleanliness Inspection.

We offer, Insurance Survey Services for Insurers, Ship Operators, Loss Adjusters, P&I Clubs and Marine Law Firms – in Mombasa, Kenya

Out-turn cargo survey services, Cargo Container Damage inspection, Cargo Vessel Damage Survey and Claim cargo inspection/ survey services

Steel Pipe Out-turn Survey, SOF and delay reports. Steel coil Tally Count Survey, Discharge Supervision, Condition Survey and Color Lebels Identification

Critical and Fragile Cargo; Ship Vehicles, discharge, tally coordinated efforts in risk control and monitoring, taking damage prevention measures.

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Observater Survey and Services, provides clients with prompt and reliable consulting service specialized in Cargo Inspections, Loss Prevention, Damage Surveys and Vessel Inspections.

We establish personal relationships with our customer companies staff, contributing with the maximum of their knowledge and experience to achieve a result that covers all the client’s needs and expectations.

Through our coordinated efforts, we develop the best results in Cargo Risk Management Strategies. We cover together every detail, and assure the security and safety of each product, handling procedures and transportation, key for a successful logistics and delivery.

Our team is available 24/7 for close monitoring of cargo, during loading, discharge and transport to final destinations. We follow all processes keenly ensuring that all happenings are documented and reported.

Our port operations team is well trained and equipped to monitor cargo quantities, loaded/ discharged. We do this through draft surveys, tally surveys and condition assessments. Ensuring that accurate information is collected and presented in record time.

Marine Surveyors in Mombasa Port

container inspection mombasa

Cargo Inspection Services

Caring For Your Cargo

Through Experience Our team of Experts is capable of coming up with creative risk management procedures in the handling of your cargo. We aim at minimizing/ avoiding losses, accidents/ damages. Our marine surveyors are well trained in risk avoidance, reduction and management strategies.

We care for your cargo and monitor handling of critical components, breakbulk cargo, bulk and containerized cargo against industry best standards. From pre loading inspections, loading, stowage, lashing, welding, securing, discharge and storage at consignee premises in East Africa we are available at each step to ensure maximum care to your cargo.

Why You’ll Love Us

It is part of our inspection culture to go extra mile proactively, we help you to minimize any potential losses, accidents and/or damages. We serve you the same way we would love to be served.

  • Observative
  • Ethical
  • Proactive
  • Flexible
  • Available 24/7

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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