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Home Inspection

What is a home Inspection?

home inspection is an examination of the condition of a real estate property. Our inspectors and surveyors have helped hundreds of clients in Pre-purchase and property sale home Inspections.

How is Home Inspection Essential?

Before purchasing a home, it is important to check, equipment and installations functionality, safety and security of the home and the property you envision to own.

Our inspectors examine a property’s safety and current condition, from its foundation to its roof and including its various systems (electrical, plumbing, paint, and more)

Our inspection reports enable the seller and buyer to understand the status of property and consider renegotiating the costs, continue with the purchase or drop the purchase.

We have experience in inspecting newly constructed and old homes, we have helped new home buyers to save money and aggravation. Our reports have been used severally to secure the best bargains.

We ensure that you and your good family are not tricked into staying inside ticking time bombs.

Do we Offer home inspection Services for Home Sellers?

We carry presale Home Inspections for property owners in Kenya and East Africa.

We can identify needed repairs, builder oversights, and upkeep requirements. For sellers, having an inspection done before putting your home on the market can afford you the chance to make structural repairs or upgrade and replace systems that may increase the likelihood of a sale.

Inspection for Home Buyers

Are a New Home Buyer? Don’t worry our experience in home inspections will help assess if the deal you have on the table today is really suitable for you.

Typically, we carry out home inspections after sales contract and purchase agreement between a good home buyer and seller has been signed. We therefore advise that you insist and ensure that the contract contains the due diligence contingency/ home inspection contingency. This will give you a chance to use our over the years experience in surveying and inspection to enable you to decide how to proceed based on our inspection findings.

We have helped hundreds of new home buyers in Kenya to get the best of there investments in acquiring satisfactorily repaired new homes, We carry out the inspections as if we expect to own the new home by ourselves.

Safety, Security, Equipment functionality and Health are our number one priority for our new home buyers. House inspection in Kenya

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