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Cargo Unloading | Discharge Survey and Damage Inspection | East Africa

Cargo Discharge Survey and Unloading Inspection in East Africa

The Global Logistics sector is driven by quality inspection procedures that serve to minimize losses and damages. Observater is a Key player in the provision of inspection and cargo surveillance services.

Unloading inspection and discharge surveys are carried out by our competent and diligently trained surveyors and inspectors both with the aim of loss prevention and loss investigation at disport and in/at cargo receiver’s warehouses and yards.

Our surveyors inspect all types of cargo and containers during discharge inspecting cargo holds, Full container load (FCL), Less Container Load (LCL), General cargo, project cargo, Break Bulk cargo, Grains and Vessel inspections.

We use industry established loss prevention procedures and investigative skills imparted to our surveyors and inspectors through rigorous and continuous skill improvement and trainings to offered by our training partners to carry out unloading inspection and discharge survey tasks in all ports of Kenya.

They inspect and check:

  • Draft marks and load lines, draft surveys are done to help in cargo weightment.
  • Checking (intact) seals, un intact seals are documented and further inspection procedures are carried out for claims
  • Survey of the conditions of lashing and securing
  • Inspection of condition of container and vessels cargo holds
  • Check the condition of cargo discharge handling equipment
  • Supervising of the stevedores handling of cargo
  • Documentation and keep watch of bad weather and advise Master accordingly
  • Loss prevention procedures during cargo dischare
  • Tallying services for cargo quantity discharge and quantity per receiver
  • Preparing cargo documentation
  • Survey of the weights of out-turn of the cargo
  • Certificate issuance
  • Taking pictures and videos for discharging
  • Weightment reports preparation

P&I and Loss Investigation in Unloading Inspection/ Cargo Discharge Surveys

Most at times during discharge, cargo damages and losses are a common occurrence. When called upon by insurance firms, P&I club correspondents, shippers and cargo owners. Our surveyors deliver reliable inspection to the cause of damage and loss investigation. This is done by:

  • Inspection of cargo stowage and securing
  • Inspection of cargo quality
  • Damaged cargo survey
  • Surveying loss to cargo weight/ damage
  • Survey of packing
  • Survey of measurement
  • Sweating inspection (cargo holds, goods and containers)
  • Inspection of tainting
  • Survey of decay
  • Survey of liability to damage
  • Inspection of contamination
  • Survey of discolouration
  • Salvage of damaged goods
  • Finding solution and consulting, claim, dispute
  • Loss adjusting
  • Classifying of volume/ quantity of goods in damaged and sound condition
  • Survey of deterioration and calculating the extend of commercial value reduction
  • Issue certification
  • Survey of damaged containers and repairs

Cargo and containers can have multiple types of damages such as torn, broken, dent, bent, caked cargoes, mouldy, cracked, hole, budge, rust, loose, broken, moist, humidity, among others. Our surveyors are well experienced with all this case and are ready to help you with inspections that will be very useful in your claim settlement…

We have previously investigated damages in the following cargoes:

  1. Break Bulk Cargo
  2. Bulk fertilizer
  3. Water treatment RO machines
  4. Car batteries and Televisions
  5. Cargo and Containers
  6. Rice, wheat, maize, Green peas and Millet

We are fully prepared to inspect  damages for all types of cargo.

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