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At Observater we are committed to providing the highest level of independent service and best possible outcomes for our clients.

We offer a coordinated approach to Risk management. Our surveyors ensure that everyone responsible for cargo handling is updated and supplied with the right agreed procedures and calculations. Encouraging cooperation and every time and effective communication.

Marine warranty surveys play an essential role in reducing the risk of loss or damage in high value marine construction, infrastructure and transportation projects along with offshore energy installation and operations activities.

The MWS is appointed on behalf of the cargo insurance underwriters who insure the shipment of the cargo. The MWS ensures that the terms of the warranty clause in the insurance policy are complied with and that the operations are carried out in accordance with the approved procedures as defined in the transport manual or method statement. Involvement of an MWS is typically where shipment of the cargo forms a critical component of a larger project for new construction, power, infrastructure projects among other projects.

Subject to the approval of procedures and calculations our warranty surveyor will attend and observe loading, securing and possibly discharging operations to ensure that approved procedures are adhered to and will be on hand to evaluate and approve any changes to procedures necessitated by on-site conditions.

In all our Loading surveys for Vessels carrying Critical Cargo, Loose Project cargo, General Cargo and Break Bulk Cargo, our surveyors attending inspections; to approve loading and securing of cargo will usually issue a certificate of approval (COA).This is issued on completion of operations, to confirm that the previously approved procedures have been adhered to, or that he/she is satisfied with on-board securing arrangements agreed with the vessel’s staff or supercargo handlers.

Marine Warranty Surveys

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Damage Surveys

We offer Damage Surveys for Agricultural Products, Industrial and Manufacturing products, Electronics, Medical Equipment, Project Cargo among many others

Delivery Surveys

In enabling quality door to door delivery services to our logistics partners and clients, we ensure that cargo is delivered and inspected to meet the right quantity & standards

Claim Investigation

Our expertise is in the areas of claim investigation has continued to provide amicably and wholesomely agreeable dispute resolutions

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