To Offer Quality Investigative Inspections and Audits

Construction Survey

Before a Construction project Kicks off, thorough research and planning is carried out. The quality of work done at this stage determines the degree of success and safety that the end result of the project will achieve. To avoid unwanted construction delays, stoppages and cancelation of projects by government agencies for safety and design constraints, a qualified construction survey is needed.

Our construction surveyors carry out construction surveys that contributes towards making every step of the construction project successful.

We listen carefully to our clients needs, conducting thorough research and planning, maintaining the highest quality and completing the work efficiently to meet the our clients timelines.

Road surveying Equipment

Our accomplished surveyors, are up-to-date and equipped with the latest knowledge and skills to analyze, establish and present marks and locations executing evaluations which steer construction activities.

Why is a construction survey important for your next project?

In all of our construction surveys we are driven by the value we add to the project and the time saved in beating project deadlines.

We have been in this industry and have helped our clients get the value of their investments and choice in the following ways:  

  • Our surveys have been used to compute construction payments enabling prompt budgeting and planning by our clients
  • Our As Built constructions surveys have enabled our clients attain audits on project final results thus helping them verify accomplishments as specified on project designs and plans
  • Our surveys have helped in clearly marking out boundaries and land reserves as per the local national regulations thus avoiding construction disputes and problems
  • Our construction surveyors have helped land developers understand if the land is enough for buildings they plan to build
  • Our construction Survey exercises have effectively helped in reducing project costs

Construction surveys are important in any development. We help in marking boundaries which are important for creating legal and sustainable properties.

Our construction surveys also ensure that the safety of the project and its longevity is assured.

Which types of Construction survey do we Offer?

From land development to large scale offshore and onshore construction projects, our experts have a combined experience gained through inspection and survey both from major projects such as port constructions and land surveys for housing projects. The wide and dynamic experience in the field of construction survey gives us unrivaled experience to enables us avoid problems and enable cost effective measures for all projects under our survey.

Project Monitoring

We monitor projects during construction process and trace and offer guidance to all other experts involved in the construction process. Ensuring that work is done without issues and complications thus providing safety and a safe working environment for all workers. And ensuring that project designs and plans are adhered to. And ensuring that experts understand all the risks involved in using the wrong land.

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Our construction surveyors are on standby to offer services in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Burundi, Ethiopia, Somalia, Djibouti, Eretria, Mozambique, Malawi, DRC, Zimbabwe, South Sudan, Sudan and Egypt. We are experts in Road construction surveying, ports, and railway construction surveying.