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Here is a list of a few services we offer in the ports of East Africa, for more kindly Email Us

PortOur Services 23 surveyors
Port of DjiboutiDraft Survey 
DjiboutiCargo damage survey 
 Project Cargo Survey 
 Bunker Quantity inspections 
 Discharge inspection 
 Port Captaincy 
 Cargo Outturn surveys 
  Claims & management
Port of Dar es-SalaamBunker Surveys & BCCargo Superintendence
 Pre- discharge inspections 
 Discharge supervision 
 Project cargo surveys 
 Cargo Damage surveys 
 Out-turn surveys 
 Tally count surveys 
Port of MombasaBunker and Condition surveysClaims and management
 Discharge inspectionsCargo Superintendence
 Damaged cargo surveys 
 Project cargo inspection 
 Warranty surveys 
 Loading inspections 
 Draft surveys 
 Outturn surveys 
 + any other survey as per clients request 
Port of MaputoDischarge supervision surveysClaims management
 Draft surveys 
 Bunker surveysCargo Superintendence
 Damaged cargo surveys 
 Warranty surveys 
 Project cargo inspection 
 Cargo warranty survey 
 Liquid cargo quantity inspection 
Port Said and Port of AlexandriaBunker surveys, Condition surveysClaims management
 Project cargo inspectionCargo Superintendence
 Warranty surveys 
 Damage surveys 
 Marine inspections 
Zanzibar portsBunker surveys 
 Discharge inspections 
 Cargo damage surveys 
 + any other survey as per client request 
Port SudanMarine servicesClaims management
 Damage surveysCargo Superintendence
 Bunker surveys 
 Project cargo inspection 
 Discharge supervision 
 + any other surveys as per client request 
Ports of MadagascarMarine inspections 
 Cargo damage surveys 
 Project cargo inspection 

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