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Our On/Off hire bunker surveys involve thorough checks, ensuring that any irregularities are identified and actual bunker quantities onboard, and bunkers supplied are reported.

We check all the hidden tanks, temperature gauges, tampered measuring devices, magic pipes and all pointers that might lead to cases of bunker fraud; ensuring that actual bunker quantities on board are reported.


Observater surveyors stay vigilant throughout bunkering operations, Our surveyors ensure that:

  • Any abnormal and suspicious activities are duly noted and reported to the client
  • All delays are documented
  • Take picture of initial and final figure of both vessel and supplying barge/plant
  • Check all hidden tanks, magic pipes, tampered measuring equipment and all pointers to suspicious activities/fraud
  • Prepare time sheet and ensure that all bunker forms and documents are endorsed onsite by both suppliers are receivers/ clients representatives

Ports: Medang, Lea, Crosb, Orobay/ Other Services, Cargo Discharge/ Loading, steel, clinker, coal, wheat, supervision/ condition/ Damage Surveys/

Cargo Holds Condition & Cleanliness Survey

Tank Cleanliness
  • Cleanliness before loading
  • Sport Bunker Surveys
  • On/Off hire bunker surveys
Cargo Hold Condition
  • Physical and Cleanliness
  • Bunker Investigative Surveys
  • Intermediate Bunker Surveys
Hatch Cover Inspection
  • Testing Weather tightness
  • BQS in Maputo, Beira and Nacala
  • Stem Bunker Surveys

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