To Offer Quality Investigative Inspections and Audits

About Us

Observater is an Independent Survey Firm in East Africa and is based in Mombasa Kenya.

A Group of Cargo, Marine and Insurance Surveyors in Africa

At Observater we are an extension of your team: –

We are more than just surveyors; we are your expert set of eyes and ears on the ground, with skilled technical analysis for every challenge.

When you choose to work with Observater, you get an advantage of working with diligently trained cargo surveyors, draft surveyors, bunker surveyors, cargo damage surveyors, insurance warranty surveyors, civil engineers, claim analysts, P&I surveyors, and many more

Our strategists ensure that your assignments are completed safely and expediently, by always putting you ahead of time and deadlines through effective overhead planning, and seeding of quality cooperation between all parties concerned.

We are Observater Surveyors: We are not a single surveyor who has limited skills or is stressed out of wearing as many hats as you are. Every member of our team has cross discipline expertise in one or a few specific marine and cargo surveys.

The name OBSERVATER, comes from the word Observe, we do more than that, we observe, take note, collect all information, resolve disputes, represent you, offer consultancy services, fight fraud, and take every assignment with independence.

We are committed to ensuring, safety, accuracy, quality and sustainability in all our surveys.

Risk Management

We take every precautionary step in ensuring effective and well coordinated procedures of loss control and risk management.

Quality Assurance

We understand that losses of any size affect our clients business finances negatively and we operate with full knowledge that any damaged goods received by our clients and taken to the consumer have an immense capability to ruin our clients reputation and business.

We work very hard to spot and prevent any usually unseen/unexpected practices/ discrepancies and where necessary we issue LETTERS OF PROTEST AND RESERVE LETTERS.

We are available and most excited to carry out your survey assignments in East Africa and Across Africa: We deliver quality and thorough inspection services

Should you have any questions or inquiries please do not hesitate to contact us through: