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Hatch Cover Inspection

Hatch Cover Condition Survey port of Mombasa

We Conduct Hold Cleanlines Hatch inspection, Bunker and Condition Survey for Bulk Carriers.

Watertight Hatch Cover.

A watertight hatch cover is a cover designed to prevent the passage of water in either direction under a head of water for which the surrounding structure is designed.

What is a Weathertight Hatch Cover?

A weathertight cover is a cover designed to prevent the passage of water into the ship in any sea condition. 

Why is Hatch Cover Inspection important?

More than 30% of all cargo damage claims are due to damaged or leaking Hatch Covers.

Damaged Hatch Covers do not only lead to cargo damage, in severe cases, damaged Hatch covers can even lead to loss of the vessel.

How much Leakage is acceptable under the Weathertight Standard?

NO any amount of leakage is acceptable/ tolerable during Hatch Cover Weathertight inspection, A ship is designed to carry a wide range of Cargo, therefore any amount of water leakage affects different cargo differently/ severely and that is usually a major cause of cargo damage claims.

What do we do at Observater Marine inspection unit?

Condition Survey

In our Condition Survey, we record and report exactly what we observe, we do more than an observation mission. We actively check and try locating all the areas leakages are coming from.

We check that:

  1. Covers and coamings should be well painted and free from significant corrosion, cracks and distortion.
  2. During an inspection we look for:
    • Holes and permanent distortion in the plating
    • Distortion of beams and/or stiffeners on the underside of the top plate.
    • Corrosion around welded connections of beams or stiffeners
    • Cracking of connecting joints and welds
  3. Hatch movement . This should be smooth .
  4. Hydraulic system for leakage
  5. Check for physical damage, corrosion and tension when locked.

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