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Frozen Foods Quality Control Inspections & Damage Surveys

Food inspection by Observater Group is aimed at preventing/blocking food borne illnesses to the community. When required, we check fresh food at every stage of the production chain, ensuring that, food is produced and packaged in a sanitary environment, and all equipment used to store the food is well maintained, and is in good order.

Our major goal in this inspections is to uphold good public health within the community by guarding the community against consuming goods that are improperly packaged, damaged, expired or prepared in unsanitary environment. We do inspections for fruits, vegetables, meats, chicken and fish.


Welcome to Obsevater

Observater is an independent inspection firm aimed at providing authoritative and quality inspections in Africa. With experts in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Beira, Nacala and Maputo Mozambique, Mombasa port city and Nairobi Kenya, Abidjan, Djibouti, Senegal, Somalia and more than 14 countries in Africa.

Our specialty is marine cargo inspections, warranty inspections, claims and cargo damage surveys. We take maximum attention to each of our intervention, applying investigative skills, follow ups and complex skills of trade to fish out facts and find cause, apply risk management principles and mitigate.

Meat in Refeer Container – Cross Stuffing Survey
Meat in carton box Damage Survey
Reefer Container Inspected for Loading of Apples
Apples inspected in Cold Storage

Reefer Container Loading Inspection

Perishable food cargoes losses and damages in cold chains occur most of the time due occurrence of error both technical and man errors that can always be checked in time.

We examine causes of heat damage, check and inspect the risks of heat damage and offer consultative advise to avoid losses/damage.

What We Do

Frozen Meat

Frozen meat products

  • Inspection of food additives
  • Quantity (pieces) of cargo declared in claims
  • Pre inspection of containers and meat
  • Product verification
  • Size, smell and taste
  • Temperature (variations, min and max)
  • Study of temperature logs and controls
  • Temperature control carried methodologies put in place during cross stuffing/ stuffing
  • Colour and appearance of products
  • Average weight of cartons in weight control analysis
  • Integrity of cargo/ each of the pieces
  • Note presence of any discrepancies and any differences observed against declared conditions
  • Collection of shipping documents

Frozen Chicken

Chicken and Poultry Products

  • Inspection of Eggs
  • Inspection of frozen chicken wings
  • Container inspections
  • smell
  • Colour/ color
  • Odor/ odour
  • Quantity and weight verification
  • Packaging
  • Labeling
  • Weight declaration/ verification
  • emperature (variations, min and max)
  • Study of temperature logs and controls
  • Temperature control carried methodologies put in place during cross stuffing/ stuffing
  • Colour codes
  • Temperature log analysis
  • Tracking of container movements
  • Inspection of containers prior to cross stuffing
  • Examination of cargo damages and documents

Fish and Vegetables

Fish and Vegetables

  • Net and Gross weight verification
  • Smell
  • taste
  • Odor/ odour
  • Colour and appearance
  • Temperature logs analysis
  • Stuffing supervision and overseeing methodologies of temperature regulation
  • Container Condition Inspection
  • Packing/condition of packages
  • Warehouse/ storage supervision and inspection
  • Temperature controls both inside and outside handling and storage units/ equipment
  • Expiry date verification and quality inspections
  • Checking for rotten (dark) cargoes
  • Ice thickness
  • Container sealing/ and seals integrity
  • Size and quantity / weight verification

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Frozen Food Inspections By Our Expert Surveyors Play a Great Role in Preventing Heavy Losses to Business Teams and Ensure that Consumer Health is Prioritized.
We feel Happy to Know that we are protecting you from multidimensional potential disasters

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