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Condition Surveys for Cargo Vessels

Observater Ship Surveys

Condition Surveys are carried out with our highly qualified former ship captains, taking with an in depth understanding of vessels operations, machinery and hull inspections.

Our survey Experts have experience in the survey and inspection of General Cargo Ships, Tankers, Bulk Carriers and Container Ships.

Cargo Hold Condition Survey

The survey involves inspection of: Hatch covers, Holds, Cargo handling machinery, Engine room machinery, Navigation equipment among other key parts; as in our survey reports

Ship Vetting

The survey involves inspection of: Cranes / derricks, Deck houses, Holds and Void spaces, Crossdecks, Starboard decks, rails/bulwarks, Poop deck and rails, Forecastle after bulkhead, Watertight doors, Accommodation ladders, Athwartships walkways, pipes and protective coverings, Fairleads/freeing ports/scuppers, Drains, Securing Cleats, Stanchions, rungs, saddle top tanks among other key parts/ equipment; as in our survey reports


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