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Cargo Surveyors in Namibia

Bulk, Break Bulk, Oil and gas, Containers, Project cargo, general cargo vehicles, trucks automobiles, steel cargo and products, minerals and ores, Industrial and Manufacturing raw materials, Agricultural products. Ensuring that the right equipment are used. 24/7 surveillance and active involvement in disputes resolution, fact checking for SOF and tally figures. We also offer delivery survey services and container inspection services in Kenya

We have cargo surveyors available for pre – loading cargo surveys, and discharge supervision.

Pre-loading survey

Cargo Pre-loading survey is a critical first step of shipment survey exercise with a target to determine the limit of liability/ responsibility for any damages and or any arising claims; of the concerned parties regarding to cargo condition.

Some of the responsibilities of our pre-load cargo surveyors include:

  • Advising the Master if the cargo can handled/loaded in rain,
  • advising on master on holds cleaning, dunnage and lashing
  • advising the master on loading, stowage and securing of the cargo
  • advising and reporting on handling damage caused by stevedores
  • Carrying out and advising on the tallying of the cargo and issue of cargo documentation
  • Advising if the cargo should be loaded in dirt condition
  • Acknowledge charter party clauses relating to damaged cargo, responsibility for loading and stowage.

Survey Before Loading on Means Shipment

This survey must be carried out before loading into means of transportation of shipping motor carrier, and vehicular means usually for project cargo delivery to jobsite. Pre-loading survey is used to identify the nature and apparent condition of goods to be shipped in details. For goods shipped in containers, this survey is carried out as a pre-shipment inspection survey.

The purpose of a preloading survey is to offer certification of cargo relevant to the condition of the cargo for example cargo condition as broken (physical damage), defected, contaminated, rusted, high moisture content, dent, bent, deformed or un-suitable condition. The aim of this inspections is to protect the carriers rights under the contract of carriage until cargo is discharged at disport.

Measurement of cargo volume through dimensional measurement and computation of volume is also carried out for calculating freight costs.

Survey on Means of Shipment

This survey focuses on the vessel/ ferrying mode of transport, this is carried out to ascertain and certify if there is no potential risk of damage to be caused to the cargo by the containers, vessel/mode of shipment during voyage.

Before loading, the condition of cargo holds and containers is inspected checking also cargo gear seaworthiness. Inspection of hatch covers and ventilation systems is carried out. These inspections are useful to certify that the condition of hatch covers, ventilation systems and cargo holds is suitable for loading cargo.

On completion of our survey and report of the survey, the master of the ship will issue a Mate receipt list attached with the Bill of Lading.

If the report of cargo pre-loading inspection produces results with any differences against the described in the shipping documentation, a decision reached whether to reject the cargo or offer early notificati0n o these deficiencies to the carrier, shippers, agents, stevedores or chatterers

All types of industrial and Agricultural products cargo are inspected.

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