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Steel Cargo Unloading and Loading Inspection | Mozambique

Steel Cargo Discharge and Pre-load Survey and Supervision

Our surveyors are available 24/7 and to offer the best surveillance during discharge and loading operations. We ensure that the right and certified equipment is used to handle cargo and we establish effective coordinated risk management approach methods, to ensure accident and loss minimization.

Discharge Survey of Steel Cargo, Trucks and General, Project Cargo in Mozambique

Steel Cargo and Trucks, Loading Stowage and Securing Inspection

We carry out volumetric analysis of steel cargo, which includes taking all dimensional measurements and calculation of total cargo volume and weight, Before loading and during discharge. We inspect stowage, lashing and securing of steel cargo. We also check and inspect damages to the steel cargo and damage caused by steel cargo as part of our cargo damage survey procedures. We are ready 24/7 to take on inspection of steel cargo at all times

Discharge supervision of steel slabs
Discharge supervision of steel coils

We are Independent third Party Surveyors

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