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Observater attends a wide range of services, be it loading/discharge (Wind Energy Components / Wind turbine / Transformers / steel products / scrap metal / fertilizers / grains), On/Off-Hire Bunkers and Conditions, Bunker Quantity, Hold’s Grain Cleanliness Condition and Draft surveys, container stuffing and parking inspections.

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Draft Surveys

Observater Marine & Cargo Surveyors in Kenya have large experience in performing draft surveys, as it is very required by our clients. We have acted different times on behalf of Owners, Charterers or any other interested party. We cover the port of Mombasa, Lamu port and all ports of Kenya

Steel Cargo Discharge/ Loading Surveys

Claims involving steel cargoes are frequent and the result is substantial payments from P&I Clubs, therefore, ascertaining the pre-discharge condition of the cargo and accurate tally survey during discharge survey is a very important part of mitigating losses, avoiding false claims and getting everything right!

Pre-discharge/ discharge surveys are mostly required to be performed in cargoes of finished steel products (coils, wire rod in coils, plates and sheets, flats / square / angle bars, profiles, pipes / tubes and reinforcing bars) and also in unfinished steel products such as slabs and billets.

Bunker Quantity Survey

Bunker Quantity Survey is the supervision of the vessel’s bunkering. This service has big importance to the managers / operators in view that the same is one of the biggest contributor to the cost of operating a vessel.

Observater offers impartial and independent quantity measurement inspection, confirming fuel delivery or reporting shortages

Project Cargo Surveys

Project Cargo, Wind Energy Components, General products, just as, machineries, containers and trucks, are also required to be inspected, in order to check the cargo condition prior to load and prevent the vessel for any claim that may arise.

Pipes Discharge Surveys and Outturn

Risk Management Services

  • Pre – Risk Analyses
  • Pre – Shipment / Factory Inspection.
  • Organization, Control, & Security checks (Storage or Trans shipment facilities such as warehouses etc.
  • Loading and discharge Surveys
  • Project cargoes, Heavy lift, Steel etc.
  • Consultancy Services: Specialist advice or reviews on Particular topics of relevance (Particular Cargoes, Contracts, Financial Standing etc.

Our Services

Cargo Survey
  • Cargo Claims
  • Pre-shipment Survey
  • Loading Survey
  • Discharge Survey
  • Outturn / Condition Survey
  • Quantity Survey in Mombasa
  • Port Captain
  • “On-Hire / Off-Hire” Bunker Survey
  • “On-Hire / Off-Hire” Condition Survey
  • Silver Nitrate Test

Cargo and Container Surveys

  • Container Box Condition Survey (Interior & Exterior)
  • Container Stuffing, Mombasa ,Unstuffing  & Stowage Survey
  • Container Damage Survey
  • Container Cargo Surveys
  • Container Cleaning & Deodorization Survey

Project Cargo/ General Cargo Survey

  • Unloading Survey.
  • Loading Survey
  • Securing and Lashing Survey.
  • Stowage
  • Cargo and Condition Survey.

Bunker and Condition Survey

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