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Marine warranty surveys (MWS) are independent third-party technical checks, reviews and approvals of high-value and high-risk marine construction and transportation project/ critical cargo operations.

MWS by Observater Surveys at the port of Mombasa, in Kenya and Eastern Africa region, are provided by marine warranty surveyors who ensure that the work is planned and performed according to a level of risk that is consistent with the established international standards, codes and insurance policy clauses satisfactory for the industry and for all the parties involved.

Observater Surveyors are trusted with Marine Warranty Surveys, implementing coordinated risk management assessments and procedures, as a proactive stand-alone offer for all critical/ key item shipments.

The inspection process and procedure focus on loss minimization, our warranty surveys help to ensure that all interested parties are satisfied with the stowage, securing, and tensioning requirements to prevent loss and damage in any form, including produce/critical items or equipment loss or cargo theft.

Some of the checks made include:

  • Pre-shipment inspection of subject cargo for adequate packaging and marking as applicable, suitable lifting and securing points, any visible damages, etc.
  • Review of available method statement(s) and/or consultation with interested parties to ensure the adequacy of proposed lifting, handling, stowage, securing and transport of subject cargo.
  • Cargo suitability inspection including desk-top and/or physical examination of conveyance, review of statutory certificates and compliance as applicable
  • Lifting appliance inspection including review of required certificates, Safe Working Load (SWL), condition and arrangement of rigging, etc. to ensure suitability for proposed lift(s)
  • Witness loading (or discharge) operation to ensure compliance with the approved method statement and/or best practice.
  • Inspection of securing / sea fastening arrangement to ensure compliance with the IMO CSS, JCR and/or CTU Code as applicable.
  • Review of vessel stability to ensure adequacy for all stages of lifting operation(s) and intended voyage.
  • Escalation as warranted and agreed if the operation is not carried out in accordance with the agreed method statement and/or best practice.

For more detailed information on the entire range of technical services offered by our surveyors during warranty surveys, project cargo and critical cargo/ ship and shipment surveys, please feel free to contact us at:

Marine Warranty and Project Cargo Break Bulk Surveys

Linus Opondo
HSE Manager – Assistant MWS

Warranty Surveys/ Break bulk cargo surveys are a great passion at Observater. We take maximum precaution when dealing with critical cargo, and hence each of our steps taken while planning the survey with all the other involved parties is keen to bring this important aspect to the table of discussion and reason.

Whilst we remain cognizant of the fact that a simple damage to any of the project’s components can lead to delays, loss of time, and costs incurred due to keeping the project alive for a lengthened time.

As the HSE Manager at Observater Surveys, I take every project with keen interest and ensure that all of our surveyors have the latest information on handling each project and are adequately resourced, supported, and equipped to undertake marine warranty or project cargo inspections.

This is to ensure that the safety and security of the project is prioritized. We are ever committed to doing our best to better our best.

Marine Warranty Surveys – Pre shipment, loading and discharge surveys in Mombasa, Port,