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Load and Stowage Surveys

Conducted to Ensure that cargo is properly lifted, and satisfactory stowage and lashing used to prevent cargo damage, damage to the vessel and/or containers.

Project Cargo Surveys

Oversize Cargo, Heavy lift cargo, all types of project cargo. Surveys done to assess, prevent damage during handling, stowage and transportation

Warehouse Inspections

Before committing to storing goods in a warehouse, an inspection can help you eliminate the risk of damage to your goods. We inspect the status of cargo and storage conditions that might need to be improved or changed

Discharge Supervision

Cargo superintendents, port captaincy, draft surveys, delays reports, daily summary reports etc

Grains Discharge Survey,

Grains Discharge Supervision

Containerized Cargo Surveys

This surveys are conducted on containers and cargo inside the containers for damaged containerized cargo. Pre. load container inspections, lashing, stowage and securing

Damaged Cargo Surveys

Damage inspection at warehouse yards, ports, vessels, containers, etc. Damage cargo inspections are carried out by experienced experts ready to assess the nature, type and cause of damage and carry out valuation and salvage process in the market

General Cargo Surveys

SOF writing, tally count survey of pieces, Wheigt determination, outturn surveys

Tally Count/ Cargo Outurn survey

Piece by piece counting and identification of cargo, done to ensure that all the cargo is accounted for and every party receives the amount of cargo allocated in the official stowage plan