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How is Cargo Surveyor Helpful In Bulk Cargo Operations and Logistics

1.0        Introduction

This is a research on the importance of cargo inspections at the ports of loading, and discharge port. The scope of our research included.

  1. Identify the importance of cargo surveyor in Bulk Cargo Logistics
  2. Briefly Discuss the Relevance of Bill of Lading and Implications
  3. Determine the responsibility of the shipper and consignee during cargo damage claims.

2.0        Importance of Cargo Surveyors at Port of Loading and Discharge

A cargo surveyor is a person with expert knowledge on the handling, storage, stowage and transport of a cargo. In maritime transport business, cargo is transported in three forms which are:

  1. Bulk Cargo
  2. Liquid Cargo
  3. Liquified/ Pressurized Gases
  4. Break-Bulk Cargo

A cargo surveyor, with understanding of the specific parameters for storage, handling and transport, processing and manufacture of the various cargo is required for the safe and sound cargo loading, transport and loadout at the port of discharge.

Noting that maritime trade environment is usually intercontinental-based, a selection of qualified survey personnel has multiple benefits at ensuring expedited loading or discharge procedures, safe handling and damage avoidance and mitigation. A key facet in loss and risk control.

  •    Documents Used in Transport of Freight

3.1    Bill of Lading; What is Used For and What is Not Used For

Under common law, bill of lading is a contractual document that determines has been used by courts to determine ownership of freight and the liability of intercontinental parties concerned, for loss, damage or delay of freight. It is noted that, as a principle of common law, the bill of lading does not grant the carrier the right to exempt themselves from the consequences of their own negligence or willful actions in the handling of goods.

It is therefore important for the seafarers to develop safety manuals for manuals for the operation of cargo handling machinery, for use whilst handling cargo, and skill to load cargo to maximum safety standards, and monitor the cargo condition and situational deterministic parameters cargo whilst is in transit.

The above can be emphasized or ensured by he presence of a competent and qualified safety oriented marine surveyor, strategically onboard at the time of loading, stowage and securing of cargo or at the time of stevedore cargo handling at the time of cargo discharge.

The attendance of the surveyor can be extended to the cargo manufacturing plant for pre-shipment inspections where with understanding of the manufacture process. Defects and any notable mishaps in cargo handling and storage at the factory stage can be rectified. Phytosanitary concerns can also be identified and addressed at this stage.

4.0       Importance of Cargo Surveyor in Bulk Cargo Logistics

Bulk cargo is transported on global oceans in two forms of transport:

  1. By use of specialized bulk transport vessels known as bulk carriers
  2. By containerization

In both the modes of transport, a cargo surveyor is required for varying reasons, we shall name only ten reasons.

  1. Check that the condition of cargo is in line with contractual requirements.

A cargo surveyor may be elemental at checking that the cargo in question meets contractual requirements such as conformity with specs, and sanitary conditions. This is important in the prevention of delays and possible carrier-detentions. It should be noted that a carrier may be detained if they are suspected to be harboring dangerous species to the ecology and thus national ecological security of the destination or importing state.

Presence of surveyors, with understanding of repercussions of negligent activities, to the shipper, the carrier and themselves, will boost the chances of eliminating unpleasant experiences in the shipping world. For example, a surveyor may suggest pest control measures that help the carrier to minimize chances of pest infestations onboard whilst freight is in transit. This can also be achieved prior to loading.

  1. Check and assist in preparation of cargo loading spaces

A cargo surveyor can help in the preparation of the cargo spaces, as per international requirements. Such can be through hold cleanliness inspections and certification or checking that the containers to be loaded with the cargo, follow ISO and IMO and classification society standards. This helps the shipper and their insurers to prevent losses and cargo damage that could otherwise occur due to lack of proper monitoring of the cargo loading activities, and hence risking or giving room for negligent activities by container stuffing teams.

  1. Determine Accurate Quantity of Cargo Loaded

A cargo surveyor through action of tally survey, draft survey and physical counting will ensure that disputes are averted. This is important to the parties involved in trade because it installs good trading relationships, elemental in helping companies to develop their reputation and thus opportunities for repeat trade, referrals leading to growth to all the parties involved.

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