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Bubble Concept to Kickstart Cruise Ship Tourism in Sweden

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Sweden is a popular cruise destination and by restarting cruise services at Stockholm a positive message has been sent out to the struggling, pandemic hit international cruise shipping companies. The pandemic restrictions are being eased up around the world but every country, every province has its own protocol. Joakim Larsson, Planning Commissioner of the City of Stockholm explained that the relevant regulatory authorities of Stockholm, Visby, and Gothenburg collaborated and laid down joint protocols with an unambiguous code of conduct for cruise ships calls thus it became simpler for the shipping companies to adhere to policies and restart the business.

The cruise ships will be following the bubble cruise concept in Sweden. Under the bubble cruise concept, passengers will be staying in their virtual bubble, which means they will be traveling in specially chartered buses, having their pre-decided timing for visits to local tourist attractions so that the passengers do not mix with local communities. Under the bubble cruise concept, it is mandatory for passengers to test negative for covid-19.

Source: Fleetmon