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Marine Services

Bunker Survey and Condition Survey


On/Off Hire Bunker and Condition Surveyis a survey of technical condition of ship at the moment of entry or exit from time charter, and includes investigation of overall condition of body, deck, cargo holds and deck equipment, checkup of ship certificates etc. Upon completion we issue a detailed digital or paper report with photos. Ship condition report is accompanied with BUNKER SURVEY REPORT and CERTIFICATE OF DELIVERY/REDELIVERY. This Survey is conducted by our deligently trained experts.

Hatch Cover Watertight Testing

This requires testing methods that do not damage rubber seals and hatch covers. Testing is made prior to loading. We can perform hatch watertight testing by instruction of customer as a part of ON/OFF HIRE SURVEY. Upon completion we issue HATCH COVERS / WEATHER DECK OPENINGS INSPECTION REPORT.


This Inspection is performed prior to loading. It includes investigation and photos of cargo holds or closed hatches/tanks to test compliance with requirements accepted worldwide and shipping

Cargo Hold Inspection

This is conduted to check the condition of a ships cargo holds to determine the vessel’s cargo hold cleanliness and worthiness, to ensure that:-

“The carrier properly and carefully load, handle, stow, carry, keep, care for and discharge the goods carried.”

Hague Rules,
Articles iii, Rule 2

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